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Why I’m Running 

I am running to bring change and a fresh perspective to the Village Council.

Earlier this year, I attended a council meeting to express my concerns about the Council’s illegal plan to construct sidewalks in residential areas without a vote of residents.  I explained that the plan was in violation of the Village Charter and I proposed two legal alternatives to achieve the exact same goal. The Council members simply brushed me off. I wrote several follow-up letters to Council-none of which received a response.

The Council’s decision to illegally construct sidewalks without giving residents the vote as required by our Village Charter has pitted neighbors against each other.  Two groups of people have been wronged by this: those who lost the sidewalks they wanted, and those whose right to vote on the issue were violated. 

After experiencing this abject failure in leadership and governance firsthand, it became crystal clear to me that Council could have avoided this result by simply answering questions raised during meetings, replying to letters from the Franklin residents, communicating clearly and transparently, and then letting the voters decide. 

My Platform 

My Position on Franklin Issues


The number one issue facing our community today is the acrimony and divisiveness among our neighbors-a divisiveness that has been sowed by the lack of transparency and communication from our current Council. To solve this, Council needs to handle matters legally and transparently while effectively communicating to the residents and listening to the residents’ feedback. When residents feel they are part of the solution there will be far less animosity and division.


I am not personally in favor of adding new sidewalks because they detract from the rural nature of the village.

This is a walkability plan being worked on by the planning committee. If connectivity was added to Farmington Hills and Southfield, the plan would cover all major roads in the village and I would support putting this plan on the ballot for a vote.

Municipal Water

I am personally in favor of municipal water, but based on my personal interaction with Franklin residents, most have the opposite opinion. Recently there has been a renewed interest in municipal water so it should be considered. A comprehensive plan should be developed which considers all three adjacent water authorities, cost effectiveness and water quality. This plan can be voted upon by the residents.

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