Connect Franklin

Connect Franklin is marketing diversity and inclusion as a way to garner support for sidewalks, which is not surprising given many of the leaders are connected to Franklin’s D&I committee.

Unfortunately this group learned a poor lesson from Pam Hansens’s handling of the Michael Seltzer Issue, and they continued that with their own promotion of him as a candidate. They ignored serious concerns about diversity and inclusion to further their agenda, instead of doing the right thing.

Now they are hijacking an important message to promote something materialistic and trivial. Please take a look at these two twitter feeds side by side and reconsider your support.

Marketing D&I

Promoted this guy?

2020 Donors & Another Notable D&I Flunky

The top donor of 2020 was Connie Ettinger. Pam Hansen allowed her to be a founding member of Franklin’s D&I committee. She has a stand-up routine that basically consists of putting other people down and included making fun of people with physical disabilities. Anyone that follows nextdoor will immediately recognize her as one of the most divisive and intolerant people on the platform.

Disingenuous Links to Various Causes

This group ties vote yes into every cause they could think of: International Women’s Day, Black History Month, National Walk your dog day, Senior Independence Month, … on and on


Initially this group was pushing this charter amendment as simply approving sidewalks along 13 and Franklin, then after seeing pushback to this they were forced to admit it was a charter change to give council a new power.

When you have to sell a power grab by council it is difficult to gain traction, so they try to sell the idea using “diversity and inclusion”, and anything else they can think of. Given they supported a very intolerant man for council, and work with a woman who denigrated handicapped people I think this is the most misleading sales tactic I’ve ever seen.

Council unsuccessfully tried to construct sidewalks in residential areas and when a judge ordered this must stop they decided to change the charter so they could maintain complete control, and take away a right residents have since the village was founded.

They think villagers are not intelligent enough to identify these despicable marketing tactics

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