Mark Hanke

Informed about Seltzer’s Tweets

Marke Hanke was informed about one of his running mates abhorrent tweets, and claimed he was disgusted and would not align with someone like that.

Unfortunately he did nothing after learning about this and continued to promote Michael Seltzer as a candidate and a member of Franklin’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee!

Almost Lost the Election for being a Defaulter to the Village

Village Clerk Eileen Pulker raised the issue that Mark Hanke was late paying his Franklin Village Taxes during a village meeting and immediately after hearing this councilman Brian Gordon ran out and informed Mark Hanke that he needed to pay his delinquent taxes immediately.

Mark Hanke Paid his Village taxes by check on 11/2, the day before the election. The check was not deposited until 11/5 two days after the election because the finance clerk is part time.

Was he still a defaulter at the time of the election? It is questionable…but what is not questionable is that I do not want someone like this running my village government.

Lied about “Self Funding”

Mark Hanke told the voters of the Village of Franklin that his campaign was entirely self funded with no donations being accepted.

Marke Hanke has not been truthful with Franklin Villagers.

On 9/15/2020 he received a donation from Greenscapes (the landscaping company owned by Kochensparger)

Mark Hanke started his website on 10/8/2020 where he claimed to be entirely self funded, nearly one month after he’d accepted a $250 dollar donation.


Mark Hanke wrote me to ask that I update this section because he claimed his wife accepted the donation, but he never used it. I told him I’d update when he ammends his filing and since he has amended his filing. In this case it is not amended correctly as he simply removed contribution. I this update should have shown this as a loan since it was accepted on 9/15/2020, and who knows when it was returned because he failed to document it properly.

Campaign Finance Committee Issues

Mark Hanke had issues following simple instructions to setup his campaign finance committee in a timely manner.

He was referred the the Michigan AG for late filing and incurred a $90 fine because of it.


Mark Hanke our trustee with his self proclaimed expertise in finance and accounting can not perform the simple task of a campaign finance treasurer. He filed late, and with an error costing him $375 dollars.

This is the same accounting wizard that has failed the village

  • Voted to proceed on a 214% price increase without re-bidding
  • Voted to proceed on a project that was double counting act 51 funding source
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