Michael “Seasonal Seltzer”

Intolerant Tweets

Michael Seltzer was a member of the Franklin’s new Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee. I brought these tweets up to to council and provided them to President Pam Hansen who choose to brush them under the rug in the name of politics.

These were also brought up to David Sahli the current Chairman of Franklin Village’s DE&I committee. David also chose to ignore this issue by not addressing it and having Mike Seltzer delete his account to try to hide this abhorrent behavior, then he continued to fully support his role on the committee and in his run for Council.


Thanks to his wintering in Arizona Michael Seltzer’s attendance had been very poor over his last term. By law he should have been kicked off the council in 2017 and again in 2018 for missing three consecutive regular meetings. Pam Hansen the ignored these charter violations and did not excuse the absences, or perform her sworn duty to remove him for these violations.

Seasonal Seltzer Swearing in via Zoom

Mike Seltzer couldn’t even swear in in person this year as he was already living in Arizona by November 9 calling in to the council meeting from Scottsdale Az. He was residing outside Franklin for over six months only joining council meetings by Zoom, and telling residents experiencing flooding he couldn’t help because he was out of town.

Seasonal Seltzer Swearing in via Zoom

Mike Seltzer Attacks & Bullies Residents

Michael seltzer has used his position on council to repeatedly bully and attack residents who have simply exercised their rights, standing up to the illegal behavior Mike Seltzer was engaged in and supporting. In the end he lost in an embarrassing defeat, yet he continues his to bully, shame, and attack residents who’ve done nothing wrong.

Attacking residents who protected our rights and WON on the issue

  • Won in a court of law
    • Judges ruling was scathing and embarrassing to the village: this issue could have been resolved by looking up “residential area” in the dictionary
  • Won by forcing council to give residents their lawful vote on the issue

Click the image or to see these vile attacks

This is one of the council members that planned attacks against their colleagues on council utilizing the divisive group “Connect Franklin” group to do their dirty work.

Maybe we live in a village where it is:

  • OK to publicly attack residents
  • OK to ignore and hide racism in order to get the votes you want
  • OK to violate the village charter
  • OK to engage in Illegal behavior
  • OK to spread rumors about people they disagree with
  • OK to ignore flooding issues from residents that did not support them

…but I hope not. Let’s vote out council members like Mike Seltzer and get people who are not afraid to let the voice of the people decide important issues in the village.

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