My Council Commitment

Your Voice. Your Choice.

The Village Council Members should be inclusive and considerate of all residents’ opinions. Transparency and communication are the key to a well-functioning government.

Your Voice

I Will Listen

I will listen not only to those who agree with me, but to all Villagers regardless of their point of view, to ensure I understand and am considerate of how each decision will impact our community.

I Will Show Up

To meaningfully serve Village residents, Council Members must be fully informed and engaged. While we all have busy lives, it is imperative that Council Members attend all Council meetings.

Unfortunately, some of our members have unacceptable attendance records. I am a year-round Franklin Resident running with the full understanding of, and ability to fulfill, all Council obligations.

I Will Let the Voters Decide

While we should always be looking to move forward with positive change, the Council  must always  follow the Village Charter. The Charter sets forth the rules and standards by which the Council is to govern. Those who drafted the Charter did an excellent job ensuring that Villagers have a strong say in any major changes. This approach has allowed Franklin to maintain its unique rural charm. Council Members must not let their personal opinions and preferences supersede the Charter. If the Charter needs to be changed, the residents should have a say, particularly when such changes would materially alter the nature of the Village. Change should be well thought-out, adequately researched, thoughtfully budgeted, and have appropriate Villager approval.

Your Choice

I Will Adhere the Village Charter

Recently, a narrow majority of Council Members acted to subvert the Charter, prompting residents to protect their rights and enforce the Village Charter by filing an expensive lawsuit. This subversion of the Charter should have never happened, and should never happen again.

I Will be Fiscally Responsible

I believe we should be more careful with residents’ money and pursue only those projects that are truly necessary for our quality of life.

I Will Make Comprehensive Decisions

Not every decision can be put to the residents, and I realize this role requires Council Members make difficult decisions. I will ensure plans developed for the village benefit all residents and consider all aspects and options.

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