Pam Hansen

Committed Felony Perjury in Her Campaign

Pam Hansen was originally listed on the ballot, but was subsequently disqualified for making a false statement that she owed no fines from her candidate committee on her affidavit of identity.

This is a felony, and if convicted she would be ineligible to serve on council with her seat being immediately vacated.

Misled Residents about Reason of Disqualification

Pam stated in a campaign post on Nextdoor

“My name is not on the ballot because of a 2016 campaign reporting fine that I was unaware of until September 2, 2020”.

The truth is she was informed multiple times by Oakland county, one time “Via certified mail” as you can see in the example notification. 

With all this information public and accessible to anyone with an internet connection it is surprising she would mislead the public instead of just stating “I forgot”

Misled Residents about Knowledge of Campaign Finance Laws

Pam claimed in a comment to that post on Nextdoor

“I made a mistake by not sending in an affidavit of organization on time in fall 2016 and for my ignorance of campaign finance laws at the time”

She made the same mistake, and had the same fines in 2014, so was clearly aware, never-mind the fact that they mail you a letter informing you of what to do and by when.

Was Rude or Non-responsive as a President

Letter From My Wife to President Hansen

Verify what you have told are facts: My wife was correct, the village acted illegally as ordered by a Michigan judge.

Educate yourself: My wife is educated, the first in her family to graduate from college (Go Green!!!). In fact she’s so intelligent she didn’t need to look up the definition of “residential area” in the dictionary as the judge’s order told Pam Hansen.

Note was written for you: My wife needs reading glasses and left the bottom portion of the email in larger text as she scales it back to normal size before sending, the note was not written for her and this is the rudest accusation I’ve ever heard from a public official.

Lack of Response to My Letters and Concerns

I brought up major concerns with two members of the D&I Committee.

Michael Seltzer

David Sahli**

I did this during a council meeting, and later with three emails. The third of which was my first response ever from Pam Hansen.

Pam’s response to concerns about a D&I committee member who has a very long history of posting abhorrent tweets that are divisive and intolerant the response was

I talked to him about it

I will not remove him from the committee

I will not condemn these tweets

Clearly this committee was formed for political reasons, not to promote Diversity and Inclusion. Very similar marketing of D&I can be seen by the “connect franklin” Group, also while ignoring serious D&I concerns.

**My concern with David Sahli was not with intolerant tweets he made, but with his handling of concerns with someone making these types of tweets being on the D&I committee. I raised concerns about tweets from Michael Seltzer publicly and privately with David Shali.   He did not act in a responsible manner by condemning the tweets and trying to have Michael removed from the committee.  Instead, he warned him and the account was deleted.

Additional Lack of Response

I also brought up concerns of legality of the streetscape project multiple times, without ever receiving responses.

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